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Extension Division Meeting in Hawaii

The meeting occurred during 9-10 am on September 22, 2017. Nine were in attendance. At the beginning of the meeting, we noted the specific professional interest groups (formerly working groups) in this division and who the incoming chairpersons were.  They are:

1. Commercial Horticulture (CHEX; Current chair: Lewis Jett, West Virginia Univ.)

2. Consumer Horticulture and Master Gardeners (CHMG; Current chair: Sheri Dorn, Univ. of

3. Human Issues in Horticulture (HIH; Current chair: Esther McGinnis, North Dakota State

4. Local Food Systems (LOCSYS; Current chair: Rebecca Brown, Univ. of Rhode Island)

5. Organic Horticulture (ORGH; Current chair: Brian Ward, Clemson Univ.)

6. Plasticulture (PLAST; Current chair: Gordon Johnson, Univ. of Delaware)

7. Public Horticulture (PUBHORT; Current chair: Matt Taylor, Longwood Gardens)


Let me extend my thanks to the chairpersons who recently completed their service and to welcome the new chairs.  I hope that you have a great year! The eXtension working group has been disbanded due to inactivity. No new professional interest groups have been proposed at this time.

We will be planning an Extension Division Luncheon and Awards Program for the ASHS-2018 in Washington, D.C.  If any members have a suggestion of an appropriate dynamic speaker for our luncheon, please notify me directly at  We could waive the one-day conference registration fee for an invited speaker but we have no budget for speaker fees or travel expenses.  Ideally, this would be someone in the greater Washington, D.C. area who could speak to us about a regionally relevant topic that would be interesting to a national audience.  Because this is a sit down, catered luncheon, you are required to register and pay a luncheon fee when you register for the annual conference.

There was a total of 22 submissions for consideration for the 2017 ASHS Extension Division Materials awards. Submissions were reviewed by an award selection committee and 12 winners were determined.  The specific awards and winners are noted below.  A web link is also included for interested persons to see the award-winning materials.  I would encourage all ASHS members who are creating excellent extension materials to consider making nominations and submissions for award consideration in 2018. For younger faculty, especially, who are early in their extension career, may I encourage you to look at the award-winning submissions for 2017 to get ideas on how to create high quality and high impact products.  A national award by your peers can be helpful in career advancement and promotion. Specific instructions on what types of material are eligible for consideration and instructions on how to submit a nomination can be found on the ASHS website at:

The deadline for submissions will be March 31, 2018.

As you interact with your professional interest group colleagues over the next few months, please consider developing a workshop proposal for ASHS-2018.  Unlike in years past, in 2017, the ASHS Board instituted new criteria to evaluate, rank and approve proposed workshops. Not all workshop proposals that are submitted will be approved.  The purpose of this change was to limit workshops to those that were of the highest quality, promote good attendance and encourage topics that would be of interest to at least one professional interest group, if not more.  As was done in 2017, in the future, proposals will be ranked by ASHS Headquarters based on the following criteria:

1.  Quality of Science in Proposal

2.  Development of the Proposed Workshop

3.  Speakers Address Objectives of Workshop

4.  Format of the Proposed Workshop

5.  Broad vs. Narrow Breadth of Presentation

Workshop proposals that have a well thought out and articulated plan including a proposal abstract, workshop objectives, designated speakers, etc. are ideal. Please note that workshops are intended to be different than a traditional oral session and they should include fewer speakers (2-4) and include time for group discussion of pertinent issues.  Logical linkages with other professional interest groups should be considered if it adds value and provided that it might lead to greater interaction/sharing and larger attendance. If you are developing a workshop proposal and you would like me to review it with you before you submit it to help ensure that it is as competitive as possible, I would be happy to work with you.  The deadline for workshop proposals will be announced in a future ASHS E-News. Historically, it has been March 15.

If there are any issues or suggestions that you would like to notify me about that I should consider bringing to the attention of the ASHS Board at our next meeting, please feel free to contact me at the email address already noted above.


2017 ASHS Extension Division Luncheon

The luncheon occurred during 12:30-2:30 pm on September 22, 2017.  Nearly 60 persons attended.  It began with an educational program and followed with the awards presentations.

Educational Program:  The Importance of Partnership for the Hawaii Floriculture Industry: An Extension and Industry Perspective


Mr. Kelvin Sewake, Interim Associate Dean & Associate Director for Extension, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Mr. Eric Tanouye, President & CEO, Greenpoint Nurseries, Inc., Hilo, Hawaii

Overview:  A strong partnership between the Cooperative Extension Service, private companies, and industry organizations is vital to successful growth of the agriculture sector.  Hawaii’s Extension has partnered with the Hawaii Floriculture Industry for over 70 years to help a once fledgling industry grow to the number one diversified agricultural industry in Hawaii from prior to 1990 through 2006.  Interim Extension Associate Dean & Associate Director Mr. Kelvin Sewake and Greenpoint Nurseries, Inc. President & CEO, Mr. Eric Tanouye have worked with each other over the last 28 years. They spoke to us about the Hawaii Floriculture Industry’s challenges and successes from both the extension and industry perspective.  Key aspects for true partnership and collaboration were presented with real-life examples of beneficial results of that relationship.

Photo Caption (l to r): Eric Tanouye (President of Green Point Nurseries), Desmond Layne (ASHS Extension Division V.P.), John Dole (ASHS President) and Kelvin Sewake (Interim Associate Dean and Associate Director for Extension, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa).


2017 ASHS Extension Division Materials Awards

Following the presentation about the Hawaii floriculture industry, winners of the 2017 ASHS Extension Division Materials awards were recognized. The specific awards and winners are noted below.   

1. Outstanding Book: “The Extension Gardener Handbook”.  K. Moore and L. Bradley.  NC State Extension


Photo Caption (l to r): Lucy Bradley (NC State Extension) and Desmond Layne (ASHS Extension Division V.P.)


2. Outstanding Bulletin: “Collard Greens and Common Ground: A North Carolina Community Food Gardening Handbook”. D. Boekelheide and L. Bradley, Central Piedmont Community College and NC State Univ.


Photo Caption (l to r): Lucy Bradley (NC State Extension) and Desmond Layne (ASHS Extension Division V.P.)


3. Outstanding Website: “North Carolina State Extension Gardening Portal”. L. Bradley, R. Ladd, and M. Vysocka.  NC State Extension.


Photo Caption (l to r): Lucy Bradley (NC State Extension) and Desmond Layne (ASHS Extension Division V.P.) 


4. Outstanding Video: “Rutgers Ultra-Niche Crops Virtual Field Trip: High Tunnel Winter Lettuce”. R. Brumfeld, J. Carleo, H. Gohil, R. Govidasamy, J. Heckman, D. Kluchinski, J. Matthews, M. Melendez, J. Niederer, P. Nitzsche, N. Polanin, C.A. Wyenandt, and F. McGrady, Rutgers Univ.



Photo Caption (l to r):  Robin Brumfeld (Rutgers Univ.) and Desmond Layne (ASHS Extension Division V.P.)


5. Outstanding Leaflet: “Squash Bug”. R. Cloyd and J.R. Nechols. Kansas State Univ.


No photo. Recipients unable to attend.



6. Outstanding Fact Sheet: “Growing Vegetables in Central Oregon”. A.J. Detweiler, L. Douville, V. Kemp, and T. Stephan, Oregon State Univ.


Photo Caption (l to r): Amy Jo Detweiler (Oregon State Univ.) and Desmond Layne (ASHS Extension Division V.P.) 


7. Outstanding Fact Sheet: “Hydrangea Production Series PB1840-A and PB1840-B”. J.S. Owen, VA Tech, A. Fulcher, Univ. of TN, A. LeBude, NC State Univ., and M. Chappel, Univ. of GA.



Photo Caption (l to r): Amy Fulcher (Univ. of Tennessee) and Desmond Layne (ASHS Extension Division V.P.) 


8. Outstanding Bulletin/App: “Cherry Training Systems”. L. Long, Oregon State Univ., G. Lang, Mich. State Univ., S. Musacchi, Wash. State Univ., and M. Whiting, Wash. State Univ.


Photo Caption (l to r): Greg Lang (Mich. State Univ.), Lynn Long (Oregon State Univ.) and Desmond Layne (ASHS Extension Division V.P.) 


9. Outstanding Website: “WSU Tree Fruit Website”.  T. Auvil, R. Blakey, D. Bleile, T. DuPont, D. Granatstein, I. Hanrahan, G.A. Hoheisel, W. Jones, L. Kalcsits, K. Lewis, J. McFerson, J. Paulsen, T. Schmidt, and T. Smith, Wash State Univ.


No photo. Recipients unable to attend.


10. Outstanding Book: “Penn State Extension Master Gardener Manual”.  N. Knauss, J. Bair, A. Kirste, and S. Wyble.  Penn State Extension.


Photo Caption (l to r): Michael Masiuk (Penn State Extension), on behalf of the team, and Desmond Layne (ASHS Extension Division V.P.)


11. Outstanding Leaflet: “Short Duration Cover Crops for Vegetable Production Systems”. A. Nair and R. Kruse.  Iowa State Univ.


Photo Caption (l to r): Ajay Nair (Iowa State Univ.) and Desmond Layne (ASHS Extension Division V.P.) 



12. Outstanding Fact Sheet: “Crop Rotations, Composting and Cover Crops for Organic Vegetable Production”. K. Delate and A. Nair. Iowa State Univ.


Photo Caption (l to r): Ajay Nair (Iowa State Univ.), Kathleen Delate (Iowa State Univ.) and Desmond Layne (ASHS Extension Division V.P.) 

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