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ACB Outstanding Club Competition
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ACB Outstanding Club Competition

Two Outstanding ACB Club Awards are presented each year by ASHS. Their purpose is to encourage and recognize exceptional planning and execution of club projects and activities of undergraduate horticulture clubs affiliated with ASHS through the Association of Collegiate Branches (ACB) program. These awards are based on the collective judgment by the ASHS Collegiate Activities Committee (CAC), on the diversity, quality, and amount of an ACB club's reported activities. Only clubs who have paid the $60 annual ACB dues are eligible for participation in the Outstanding Club Award.

One award is for large ACB clubs, with 30 or more members, and the second is for small clubs, with membership less than 30 members. The club rating criteria are the same for all clubs, with a maximum of 100 potential points for any club.

Points are awarded on the basis of activities reported by a club's responses to the ACB Club Rating Guidelines, (posted below), which are the criteria for the competition and judging. Clubs deciding to enter should have their responses returned to ASHS Headquarters by 1 May. A CD-ROM of photos of a club's activities throughout the year is to be included with their nomination. The entries are then distributed by ASHS to the CAC.

Please submit one (1) copy as a pdf file and a powerpoint presentation of the club's activities.

The winning Clubs are announced at the ASHS Annual Business Meeting. The award consists of a plaque-mounted certificate, provided by ASHS to the winning ACB Clubs.

Good luck to all competing clubs!

ACB Outstanding Club Competition - Rating Guidelines for all Clubs

1. Club Activities (73 Points)

  • Meetings (14 points)
    • List date and program for each meeting and the number of members and guests present (2 points for each meeting with a speaker; 1 point for each meeting without a speaker).
  • Horticulture Show (5 points)
    • Sponsored the Club alone or in cooperation with another horticultural organization (points based on size, participation and quality of the show).
  • Publications (12 Points total)
    • Newsletter: Club news distributed at least three times a year. (3 points)
    • Yearbook: Annual publication, detailing the Club's activities. (3 points)
    • Scrapbook: Collection of photos, letters, memorabilia, etc. relating to Club's yearly activities. (3 points)
    • Web site. (3 points)
  • Field Days or Career Days (4 points)
    • Describe displays set up in cooperation with the department or other student clubs.
  • Student-Faculty Function (3 points)
    • Dinner or picnic. (1 point for each function)
  • Sales Projects (6 points)
    • Projects with the dual purpose of financing Club activities and gaining experience in promotion, management, and accounting; may be carried our in conjunction with a show or field day. (2 points per project)
  • Scholarship or Awards (3 points)
    • Presented by the Club, such as to outstanding students, Club members, or Faculty members.
  • Social Activities (3 points)
    • Parties, dances, etc. sponsored by the Club.
  • Community Action Program (8 points)
    • Off-campus program that is independent of, but may be in conjunction with, extension activities.
  • Field Trips (5 points)
    • One-day minimum, planned by the Clubs and separate from classroom activities; points based on number and quality.
  • Miscellaneous (10 points)
    • Activities not included in any of the prior categories; points based on the quality and number of activities, such as judging teams, articles authored or coauthored by Club members, and participation in ACB Regional meetings.
    • Paper/Poster Presentation(s) at the previous year's ASHS Annual Conference. (6 points).
    • Representation by Delegate(s) at the previous year's meetings (2 points per delegate to the ASHS Annual Conference); 1 point per delegate to ACS Regional Meeting, (5 points).
    • Exchange with another ACB Club (points based on planning, participation, and educational objectives (6 points).
    • Submission of an annual article/update on club activities, to appear in the ASHS Newsletter and on the ACB Web site (6 points).
    • ACB Annual Dues ACB $60 Annual Dues paid prior to start of new calendar/dues year (4 points).
  • 2. ACB Activities (27 points)

100 Maximum Total Points

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