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Discussion with the ASHS President
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President Carl Sams is interested in feedback from ASHS Members. Please read the following article and provide any feedback in the form at the bottom of the page. You must sign in using your member information to see the response area.


Online Learning Modules Partnership with AAAS

ASHS has always valued student members and their contributions to our Society and to the horticulture profession. The majority of long-standing ASHS members have fond memories of their early careers as undergraduate and/or graduate students attending the annual meetings. Many will recall how the first meetings they attended were a bit intimidating, but will quickly follow that recollection with thoughts of how quickly they felt that they were part of the extended ASHS family. In addition to meeting fellow students who would become life-long friends and colleagues, they also met established ASHS members who engaged them and helped them with friendly counsel and career advice. Recent efforts by the ASHS Endowment Fund and Membership committees have established that ASHS has had a positive impact on the careers of many in the horticulture profession, including some that no longer maintain ASHS membership. Testimonials to the impact of ASHS on career development are plentiful (

There has been a current trend in declining enrollment in horticulture at most universities. However, this decline is not associated directly with a decline in opportunities in horticulture. In fact, there is a shortage of qualified college graduates to fill available positions in many segments of horticulture.

We have recently implemented a new ASHS activity to enhance membership and assist students with professional development and career planning. This is the availability of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Learning Modules directly from ASHS. ASHS members can access any of the AAAS learning modules at AAAS member prices by purchasing the modules through a link on the ASHS web site. ASHS has also obtained 50 each of the following modules, which will be available for free for a limited time to any graduate student who requests one of the modules. Availability of the free modules will be on a first-requested basis, until the modules are all claimed. Each student will only receive one module.


The following modules will be available:

- Career Pathways: What Your Grad Advisor Didn't Tell You

- Resume Writing for Graduate Students & Posdocs

- Preparing for a Successful Job Interview

- Acing Your Interview


I encourage all graduate and postdoc students to try these modules while they are available free from ASHS. ASHS only asks that if you choose one of the free modules, you answer a short survey about your experience with them. The information collected will assist in evaluating the quality of current modules and collecting student input that will be used to develop modules designed specifically for ASHS members based on this user input.

To register for a module, click here.

Input and discussion on this and any other activities for students is sincerely sought and welcomed. Please contact any ASHS staff member, any ASHS board member, or me ( if you have suggestions for improving ASHS student activities. Members are also encouraged to participate in an online discussion in the form below. The future of our society depends directly on enhancing student membership and creating positive experiences for our students like those that we had early in our careers. Horticulture brings food, fiber, and beauty to the world. Our students are the future of Horticulture. Let’s help them maintain and shape ASHS into the Society that they will want to belong to both now and in the future. Please Join the Discussion and Bring on the Ideas!


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