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Information for Colloquium Submissions
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Important Dates for Colloquium Submissions

January 15     Proposal deadline for Colloquium Proposals

May 1             Deadline for confirming Colloquium speakers and making changes to the Colloquium     Presentations    

May 11           Deadline for all Colloquium Presenters to be registered and paid in full

                                 Deadline for all authors to have hotel reservation


About Colloquium Proposals

  • A colloquium shall be an in-depth program on a defined subject, not to exceed 3 hours.
  • A colloquium shall involve several participants with recognized expertise on the subject of inter-related topics and have a broader scope than a workshop.
  • One or more Working Groups or Committees of the Society may develop a colloquium proposal. Individuals or special interest groups shall work through an established Working Group or Committees if they wish to develop a colloquium proposal.
  • One colloquium will be approved selected for presentation at the ASHS Annual Conference.
  • Proposals are to be submitted by a designated Colloquium Coordinator.  The coordinator will be the main contact for the Headquarter staff on colloquium related matters.  The coordinator designates the moderator and speakers and is responsible for all submissions related to abstracts of individual presentations.
  • After the proposal is submitted, the coordinator will receive a confirmation e-mail with log-in and password information allowing the coordinator to make changes or add to the proposal.
  • Abstracts are encouraged for colloquium proposals. Details on the proposed talks may allow for a proposal to be considered as this allows for less speculation on the part of the those evaluating the proposal submissions.  It is the responsibility of the colloquium coordinator to select and upload abstracts.  If you choose to include an abstract (this is encouraged), do not submit it through the ASHS abstract submission site.  All abstracts are to be submitted by the colloquium coordinator.  Note:  There is NOT a $25.00 abstract submission charge for colloquium abstracts.  If you receive a prompt requesting payment while trying to submit a colloquium abstract, you are in the wrong system. 


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Once A Proposal Has Been Approved–Colloquium Coordinator Information

  1. The deadline for coordinators to add abstracts, or make any changes to an approved Colloquium Submission is May 1, 2016, in order for the information to appear in the conference program.
  2. All steps of the entry process, including adding or changing authors or abstracts, must be completed by the coordinator submitting the colloquium proposal. ASHS Headquarters will assist those experiencing difficulty with the entry process, but we are unable to handle files emailed to us for entry.
  3. Speakers should send their abstracts to the Colloquium coordinator. The organizer/coordinator is responsible for coordinating the collection of presentations, ordering the presentations within the system and designating the amount of time allocated for each speaker.
  4. Registration fees for a maximum of three (3) nonmember invited speakers* at colloquium are waived for the entire conference.However, they still need to be registered in advance by the colloquium coordinator.  Please contact Negar Mahdavian, at ASHS Headquarters for instructions on how to register non-member invited speakers.
  5. Member speakers will need to register for the conference and pay the appropriate registration fees.
  6. A LCD Projector screen, microphone and laptop computer will be supplied during the scheduled presentation time for accepted colloquium. Internet access will not be provided.
  7. Abstracts are encouraged for colloquium but are not required.

*Re: invited nonmember speakersIf at any time the person has been an ASHS Active Member within the previous 5 calendar years (for this conference if he or she was a member between 2010–15), then the person is not eligible to receive complimentary registration as a non-member invited speaker to a workshop, colloquium, or symposium.

Colloquia Reimbursement Procedure
  • The Approved Colloquium Coordinator must submit a budget for the planned usage of the $3,000 of appointed funds to the ASHS Accountant (Phyllis Kotwicki), by May 1, 2016. No payments will be made from these funds until the budget is received by the ASHS Accounting Department.
  • The colloquium coordinator is responsible for collection and submission of the expense receipts from individual speakers.  The colloquium coordinator must submit the actual receipt along with the name and address of the speaker, or, per the IRS regulations, a 1099 will be issued.
  • Checks will be mailed from ASHS Headquarters to the colloquium coordinator or the individual speaker depending on the preference of the coordinator.  This should be clearly indicated. 
After the Conference:

Submitting Colloquium and Workshop Papers from ASHS Conferences for Publication

Papers from the colloquium may be published in the subject-appropriate ASHS serial publication (HortScience, Journal of ASHS, HortTechnology) within one year following the presentation, subject to acceptability.  The manuscripts will be peer-reviewed and must meet the same standards as any published manuscript.  The colloquium coordinator is invited to write a brief introduction (one published page maximum). The colloquium organizer is responsible for ensuring that all colloquium participants submit their manuscripts to the ASHS Online Peer Review System within 6 months of the occurrence of the colloquium.

The first three (3) published pages of text and/or black and white figures of each colloquium paper do not incur publishing fees.  The author(s) are responsible for publishing fees for any pages in excess of three and for all color reproduction charges.

Download complete instructions for submitting Colloquium and Workshop Papers for publication in an ASHS journal.

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