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Horticultural Landmarks
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About the Award

Recognizing excellence in horticulture has always been an important part of the mission of ASHS. Consequently, ASHS recognizes horticultural history with the designation of a site as an ASHS HortLandmark. This award is designed to commemorate sites of horticultural accomplishment, and are selected for historical, scientific, environmental, and aesthetic value.

What Is the Landmark Program?

The ASHS Horticultural Landmark Award was designed and initiated to commemorate sites of horticultural accomplishments, selected for historical, scientific, environmental, and aesthetic value. The program was initiated by Donald Maynard during his presidency in 1996–97. Since then, several significant Landmarks have been designated. ASHS Horticultural Landmarks are sites of public appreciation and interest, as well as a source of professional pride for horticulturists worldwide. They allow ASHS to recognize horticultural history in a public forum and provide incentive for future horticultural achievements. The award includes a beautiful, brass commemorative plaque. This large plaque is presented to site officials by the ASHS president and other officials in a formal ceremony at the site.

Depending on the nature of the site, general criteria for consideration include: permanence of site; proper documentation of the horticultural collection, including origins; an underlying scientific basis for collections; monitoring and labeling of plants; educational programs; and accessibility to the public.

To Nominate a Site as a HortLandmark:

Please fill out the form below to nominate a site. We suggest collecting all of the information before beginning the submission process as some browsers will not save partial applications.

Information to be included:

  • Name of nominated site:
  • Street address of nominated site:
  • Web address of nominated site:
  • Description of the site:
  • What are the unique features of this site:
  • What contributions has this site made to horticultural science?
  • What contributions has this site made to public awareness and appreciation of horticultural science?
  • Additional comments and documentation may be included with the package.

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