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Undergraduate Student Programs
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About Undergraduate Student Programs

The Associated Collegiate Branches (ACB) is a collection of horticulture related clubs from universities across the country.  The ACB meets annually at the ASHS meeting and oversees various student meetings, events, and competitions.  This undergraduate organization allows students the ability to network with students from other schools, gain leadership experience, and compete in horticultural competitions.  Member clubs can participate in the Outstanding Club Award competition, and all undergraduate students can compete in the Commodities Judging competition where individual students and teams test their nursery and floriculture plant ID skills and judge the quality of fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals.
If your club is interested in joining the ACB, or if you are interested in participating in the ACB activities, please contact Stephanie Burnett ( for more info.

Interested in starting an ACB Club - A student horticulture group or club at a college or university (operating under the supervision of an ASHS member) may organize a collegiate branch and petition ASHS for charter of affiliation. With the approval of the ASHS Board of Directors, a charter of affiliation is granted. Each year clubs are required to file with ASHS Headquarters an annual report of club status, officers, and contact information. All ACB memberships are on a calendar year basis, and annual dues for all clubs are $60 per year.

Affiliate with the premier professional society of science-based horticulture. An academic horticulture club and its individual members stand to gain so much through an official affiliation with ASHS. Students rub shoulders with the world's finest and most sought-after horticultural scientists, and extension professionals, and through this interaction can gain a broadly based perspective on horticulture that goes above and beyond an academic orientation.

Gain a foothold (and a career path) in the world of horticulture. Whether found in the academic, corporate, or industrial setting, potential professional horticultural options and opportunities are easier for ACB students to discover, evaluate, and pursue. In ACB, member students can make solid professional contacts and friendships that may last the length of a career. The regional, national, and international reach of ASHS, combined with its active Career  program, together form a networking foundation that new and seasoned horticulture professionals can return to throughout their careers. 

Be recognized as part of the collective undergraduate contribution to horticulture. More than an associated group of horticulture clubs, ACB officially represents and champions important undergraduate contributions to the field to the larger horticultural community. As a part of ACB, students and clubs can individually and collectively broaden their scope, lengthen their perspective, and better serve the science of horticulture.

ACB Horticultural Commodity Judging Competition

• ACB Outstanding Club Competition

Current ACB Officers:

Andrew Barroco

Vice President
Dylan Neuhaus


1018 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703.836.4606